3D Technology: One Home, Three Styles. Which do you Choose?

East Coast Builders - West Indies Exterior

East Coast Builders is proud to offer clients the absolute best in 3D technology, with some of the top 3D Designers in the industry. Why is this important in your home building project or renovation?

There are so many benefits for both the client and the designer. First and foremost, the client can visualize the end result…in extraordinary detail. The client and designer can go deep into detail, adding all exterior sides and any or all of the rooms of the home. This also helps both the 3D Designer and the client to be on the same page at all times. It takes any sort of “guess work” away, or any misunderstandings.

The list of pluses goes on and on when it comes to the 3D technology. Having the final images of the inside and outside of the client’s home can take however long it has to. Several modifications can be created before the final version is set. While this may take time, it will actually be cost effective, as there should be no changes when the project or home is complete.

Here at East Coast Builders, we have an excellent, respected and highly qualified and experienced team. We challenged our design team to create a special demonstration of just how amazing 3D design can be.

We started with one home. We asked our design team to take that same home, and re-create it in 3 different styles: Modern, West Indies and Traditional (somewhere in between Modern and West Indie). The result is mind-blowing. Have a look.


Modern – Exterior – Front
Modern – Interior – Kitchen
Modern- Interior – Living Room -first view
Modern – Interior – Living Room- second view
Modern – Interior – Living Room – third view
Modern – Interior – Living Room – fourth view
Modern – Interior – Master Bath
Modern – Interior – Master Bedroom
Modern – Exterior – Back

Cool, right? You can clearly see the intricate details of the home. Now, have a look at this. This is the same home…West Indies style…

West Indies – Exterior – Front
West Indies – Interior – Kitchen
West Indies – Interior – Living Room – first view
West Indies – Interior -Living Room – second view
West Indies – Interior – Living Room – third view
West Indies – Interior – Living Room – fourth view
West Indies – Interior – Master Bedroom/Bath
West Indies – Interior – Master Bedroom
West Indies – Exterior – Back

Now, we’re heading somewhere in between. Have a look at the front and back of our Traditional style…

Traditional – Exterior – Front
Traditional – Exterior – Back

This is an excellent example of the importance of having an experienced, trusted,= and highly professional team of experts who have access to the latest in design technology. There are no surprises…once your home design is complete, you will easily be able to picture you and your family living in your dream home.

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